They dare to destroy everything to expand their government of the world

Our chapter on wars and total control of the human being, Part 5 of Our Networks of Life, presents this liberal ideology of the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy. This commentary addresses a particular aspect of this criminal pretense: controlling the sexuality of human beings.

Their dogma is that there is no society, only markets. Controlling sexuality is thus part of the destruction of society, families and the couple and, under the pretext of freeing children from religious taboos on sexuality, the question arises as to whether they are developing sexual addictions to break the love life of human beings that leads to the development of solid couples capable of sowing love and peace around them in societies. What they abhor in defending their new world order!

Malinowski in 1929, in his book on the sexual life of the savages of the Trobriand Islands, demonstrated that matriarchal societies had superiority over patriarchal societies precisely because women were the masters of sexual matters. They are at the heart of this art of living the fundamental values of humanity, love and peace. By 1936, Sigmund Freud had finally admitted the observation made by his friend Malinowski, and he had the intellectual courage to dismiss most of the books in his work that celebrated patriarchy.

In 1928. Bernays, Freud’s nephew, used his uncle’s work to carry out his public relations business. His book Propaganda sets out cynically and bluntly the broad principles of mass mental manipulation or what Bernays called the “factory of consent.”

How to impose a new brand of laundry? How do you get a president elected? In the logic of “market democracies,” these questions merge.
Bernays assumes full well that, because the choices of the masses are decisive, those who manage to influence them will actually hold power. Modern democracy implies a new, invisible form of government: propaganda. Far from criticizing it, the author proposes to perfect and systematize its techniques, based on the achievements of psychoanalysis.
A edifying document where we learn that political propaganda in the twentieth century was not born in totalitarian regimes, but at the very heart of American liberal democracy.

The “Big Beast Must Be Tamed”

“…/… the mass is incapable of judging public affairs properly and the individuals who make up the mass are incapable of performing the role of a potential citizen that a democracy requires of each of them: in short, the public, in essence, constitutes an obstacle to the governance of society to be circumvented and a threat to be eliminated. 

This thesis, to varying degrees, is that of Walter Lippmann, Graham Wallas (1858-1932), or Gustave Le Bon (1841-1931), of whom Bernays will continue to claim, and it joins an important anti-democratic current in American political thought that the “great beast must be tamed” – to use Alexander Hamilton’s (1755-1804) phrase.

That view was echoed by James Madison (1752-1836), who argued that “true power, which derives from the wealth of the nation,” must remain in the hands of the “most capable beings,” and that the government’s first and foremost responsibility is to “keep the wealthy minority out of the hands of the majority.”

Bernays echoes these ideas when he writes that with “universal suffrage and the generalization of education,” the “bourgeoisie began to fear the little people, the masses…”

Bernays, long serving John Rockefeller and the US multinationals, from the age of 60 until his death, much like his uncle, will claim that he was wrong, and that the theories of mass manipulation and the industrial factory of consent are crimes against humanity that we must fight and eliminate.

We have since known that the last wishes of Freud and his nephew Bernays were not listened to by the leaders of the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy. On the contrary, these leaders continued to hone these criminal theories and practices to expand and strengthen their wealthy global government.

We have shown how our dear enemies use methods to enrich themselves at the expense of the citizens. Financing and directing wars has been the most important means of reaping unattainable profits in peacetime. These incessant wars have also allowed the division of peoples subject to the liberal and conservative system of power. But the goals of those wars, especially World War II, were not achieved. Wall Street’s rulers failed to conquer the Russian Empire’s riches because the German army failed in December 1941 to seize Moscow.

Since the development of new computer and communication technologies and scientific advances in biology and genetics, the control of human health and thus the control of demography, have brought new possibilities for the total control of human beings.

Total control over sexuality is back on the agenda of the world government and its political institutions.

It is no longer a question of sexuality education to develop births, but of its opposite: to educate in an individualistic sexuality that transforms the human being from his childhood into a consumer of the sex market throughout his life. It is no longer a question of enriching ourselves with our loves through our encounters with our soulmates as in the matriarchal societies led by women. The goal is no longer to create strong couples who will lead their families and then their social groups in peace and in a profoundly humanistic way of life.

On the contrary, the objective is to destroy societies and families, couples, in order to apply the liberal dogma: there is no society, there are only markets. The ultimate goal is known: to eliminate humanity’s fundamental values, love, and peace in order to “keep the rich minority out of the hands of the majority.”

As with any submission technique, the starting point is the creation of a dependency or addiction. Bernays showed that it was easy for even women to use tobacco. Here, the sex education desired by the World Health Organization (WHO) among young children with the necessary intervention of adult educators different from the parents, presents all the risks of a new addiction to sexual practices of adults from childhood.

Of course, the arguments of these servants of the new world order are in a rather sympathetic display:

Free children from the taboo imposed on sexuality by conservative religions or families. The progress envisaged is not trivial:

  • Eliminate trauma from childhood sexual assault or rape because this practical sexuality education should enable children to understand what is going on and whether to accept these intimate relationships with their bodies.
  • The use of sex in free sex markets also removes any conjugal duty and any sexual frustration capable of drifting into the most sordid crimes, such as pedophilia. As prisons are filled with sex offenders and drug-addicted offenders, this liberalization of sex from childhood must be able to empty a large part of prisons, greatly reduce legal trials, reduce divorces (especially if there are no more couples reunited to have children), etc.
  • The examples of the Netherlands, Scandinavian countries and countries that have implemented sex education since the age of four, prove that these educational measures have positive health impacts. In the Netherlands, the number of abortions is the lowest in Europe (but it was already before these educational measures), and the number of unintended pregnancies is lower than in France. It is above all health outcomes that are advanced to get this early sex education accepted. Since the COVID-19 health measures, these health arguments have become suspect, and we are wary of them. There are still steps to be taken to fight AIDS, another virus presented in the chapter on our dear enemies, current affairs…

In short, there is so much social spending and so much wealth available to pay off government deficits and increase shareholder and financial-sector incomes.


   International Technical Guide on Sex Education

Directive de l’OMS pour l’enseignement sexuel à l’école primaire : masturbation, expériences sexuelles, homosexualité et pornographie en ligne au programme scolaire, dès l’entrée en maternelle…
WHO (World Health Organization) Guideline for Sexual Education in Primary School: Masturbation, Sexual Experiences, Homosexuality and Pornography online in the school curriculum, from kindergarten onwards.…

The United Nations, which was believed to promote global peace and the peaceful resolution of inter-state conflicts, has published the “International Technical Guide to Sex Education.”

   On page 71 of this guide, educators are encouraged to teach children, from the age of 5, “kissing, hugging, touching and sexual behavior”, and it is stated that 9-year-olds must be made aware of sexual attraction, sexual stimulation and masturbation (pedophiles who teach are supposedly thrilled).

   According to promoters of the UN pedophile, this guide aims to:

   – “Equipping children… to develop sexual relations”.

   – “Helping children to form relationships with sexual partners”.

   The WHO, a UN agency, is at the forefront of propaganda against pedophilia: masturbation, sexual experiments, homosexuality and pornography on the program, from kindergarten onwards…

   For WHO, while children are a target of deadly mRNA injections, they are also a target of pedophiles who lead them, as the criminal organization has published a document entitled “Standards for Sex Education in Europe” that outlines the following guidelines:

   – Children aged 0-4 years should learn what masturbation is and take an interest in their own bodies and the bodies of others.

   – Children aged 4 to 6 years should learn masturbation and be encouraged to express their sexual needs and desires.

   – Children aged 6 to 9 years must learn about sex, online pornography, secret love and self-stimulation.

   – Children aged 9 to 12 years should have their first sexual experience and learn how to use online pornography.    WHO also recommends that schools encourage young children to have same-sex relationships with their friends.

Scène du film français « Cuties » (« Mignonnes ») diffusé en salle et sur Netflix (interdit en Turquie) et qui promeut, directement ou indirectement, la pédophilie et la sexualisation adulte des enfants

Scene from the French film “Cuties” (“Mignonnes”) shown in theaters and on Netflix (banned in Turkey), which promotes, directly or indirectly, pedophilia and adult sexualization of children

Already in the Netherlands, soon in France

   The “Standards for Sex Education” of WHO pedophiles and the “International Technical Guidelines on Sex Education” of the United Nations are already an integral part of the official curriculum in the Netherlands.

   This program is published by the “School Leerplan Onderwijs” (“School of Curriculum”) which is the official publisher of all school curricula in the country of tulips and which recommends teachers to achieve the following objectives:

   – From 0 to 4 years old, children must learn to fall in love, be intimate and experience sexual feelings.

   – Children 5 years and older should learn sexual intercourse, online pornography and the experience of lust by touching their own bodies.

   – From the age of 7, children must learn the different sexual techniques. “The skin of a cock” and “eating the cat”

Illustration du livre pour enfants « What is sex? » (« Qu'est-ce que le sexe ? ») de Channah Zwiep

Illustration of the children’s book “What is sex?” by Channah Zwiep

Recommended book for primary school classes in the Netherlands. Excerpt: “The skin of a dick or vagina is also very sensitive. That’s why people sometimes like to touch themselves in this place with their mouth. When someone licks or sucks a dick, it’s called sucking. Of course, a woman can do the same. If someone licks a vagina, it’s called “eating the cat.”

In detail, it reads as follows:  

  •   0-4 years: love and being in love, intimacy and sexual feelings.   
  • 5-8 years old: sex in the media (including the Internet), pleasure and lust when touching one’s own body, sexual intercourse.   
  • 9-12 years: sexual acts and contacts, sexual orientation, sexual behavior of young people (variability in sexual behavior) pleasure, masturbation, orgasm, gender differences

“When a five-and-a-half-year-old starts undressing you, it’s fantastic.” Daniel Cohn-Bendit – 23 April 1982 on Antenne 2

Pedophile Dany Cohn-Bendit was a precursor…

   According to parents who oppose it, the Den Bosch elementary school organizes sex games for young children in groups of 3 or 4 children.

   “Young children grope, touch their genitals with their mouths, or look under the toilet door.”

UN pedophile lawyers want to decriminalize pedophilia

   Pedophiles from the International Committee of Jurists (ICJ) and United Nations (UN) leaders are calling in a report for the decriminalization of sexual relations between adults and children.

   For them, children can consent to sex, and it is only when children file a formal complaint with the police that sexual abuse should be considered a crime (imagine a 5-year-old child who is the victim of a pedophile going to the police station to file a complaint in Uganda, Morocco, or even France).

   For them, again, “sexual behavior involving people below the nationally prescribed minimum age of consent for sexual activity can be consensual…”

   The heart of the global depopulation scheme sought by globalist billionaires and their cheerleaders and henchmen is Agenda 2030, with children being indoctrinated into non-reproductive sexuality!

   The United Nations’ 2030 Agenda aims to transform all aspects of human existence on Earth, which boils down to the psychopath’s famous dictum in Davos: “You will possess nothing, but you will be happy.”

   So that, the “You will possess nothing, but you will be happy”, is for them what we are for, for them, it is a whole other story since they will have all the rights and they will possess everything, including our children, whom they want, according to WHO guidelines, “to have sex, to learn to masturbate and to use online pornography.”

They will destroy everything, childhood, family, work, freedom, health, education, education, safety, happiness, joy of living, desire to discover…

   But this systematic destruction will only affect the eyes, the “toothless,” that is, the 90% of humanity they want to eliminate and who will have access to nothing, and will have to settle for eating insect flour and drinking cockroach milk.

   As for them, they will continue to enjoy all this, feasting on lobsters and drinking the best whiskies on their private jets or yachts.

end of document, author’s private source.

Alfred Kinsey’s Theories of Child Sexuality


Between 1930 and 1950, the American scientist Alfred Kinsey, using his respectable status as an entomologist (insect scientist), decided to study human sexuality. Its legitimacy in this area is therefore very weak.

For adult sexuality, his method will consist of questioning hundreds of adults about their sexual practices, more or less sexually delinquent.
For the “sexuality” of children, he will practice with his team hundreds of forced masturbation of infants, children or adolescents and recover from pedophiles observations from the rapes they practice

From these observations, Kinsey writes, “There is no doubt … that there are children, men and women, who are quite capable of a genuine sexual response.” On page 115 of the same book, he asserts that, “Some pre-adolescent sexual contact provided emotional satisfaction that conditioned the woman to accept subsequent sexual activities.”
Further, Kinsey explains that it should be trivialized that adults have children as sexual “partners.” In other words, trivializing pedophilia.

Finally, Kinsey asserts what will underpin the Family Planning discourse in “Sexual Rights” and “Sex Education Standards”:
“It is difficult to understand why a child, with the exception of cultural conditioning, should be disturbed by touching his genitals, or disturbed even more by specific sexual contacts. In addition, adult contacts are a source of pleasure for some children, and sometimes can arouse the child erotically.”
Everything is in this last sentence. While every culture in the world protects children and adolescents from the psychic break-ins of pornography and premature talk of adult sexual practices, Kinsey and his successors have opted for child sexualization.
Whose benefits does this approach bring? Undeniably to those who wish to have sex with children, i.e. pedophiles.
Who is destroyed by these processes? To be sure, sexualized children whose childhood is stolen and whose psyche is severely damaged.

Our comments on

This podium is first of all a complementary illustration of the methods used by the new world order in its claim to subject the people to its total control of the human being, obviously at the outset, always for the benefit of the people and the liberalization of lifestyles according to the standards of the Anglo-Saxon liberal financial oligarchy.

The articles and documents presented below in the Sources links indicate the positive and dangerous elements of this UN and WHO regulation. We will not comment on these discussions here, but we invite you to read them or, if necessary, to discover them.

Our positions are known and they are already mentioned above: the matriarchate, as in the Mosos or in the indigenous peoples of the Trobriand Islands or in so many other first peoples, organizes sexuality under the initiative and control of mothers, the clan of mothers.

The aim is to show that sexuality, the love ecstasy from the fusion of the carnal bodies, is the simplest way for a human being in his personal initiatory and spiritual journey. Using our first source of knowledge to meet the mysteries of Life and find our answers to our reasons for living does not only use the path of love ecstasy, we know and present it on

The liberal system of power with its abstruse and sultry, even criminal, dogmas and theories prohibits the use of our first source of knowledge and any development of our spirituality. Leaving these systems of power is for us a necessary and indispensable precondition.

This issue of sex education imposed by the WHO and the governments of the neo-liberal system, especially through school curricula, is a topic of discussion that we will deepen in Part 1 of the Networks of Life, at the level of Cultural Institutions. This forum is a first step in that direction. We will then present the functioning of these Cultural Institutions.

We have already addressed this question of spiritual development through the use of our sexual dimension to encounter the mysteries of Life in our novel Eleusis in Denderah, the Forbidden Evolution. The guidelines are clearly defined.

On this new WordPress site, we have not yet put all 50 episodes back online. But in episodes 5 to 7, on the weekend in Baden-Baden, the characters come together to define the activities of their new club of encounters and spiritual development. The question of the school of Love is addressed.

Episode 5 Weekends in Baden-Baden

Episode 6 The night vigil from Saturday to Sunday morning

Episode 7 The Roman-Irish bath and the celebration of their communion

We are resolute in our fight against this “important anti-democratic current in American political thinking that the “big beast must be tamed”” Our readers have known and understood this since March 2002 and the release of The poet cannot be confused with the teller of a great beast!

Sources of the document used on the United Nations Sex Education Guide

Other documents directly related to this article in our Tribune

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