Farmers’ protests: from country to country, each in turn… until when?

This Tribune was published on 20 January 2024 and is updated regularly with new information.

For at least a century, Anglo-Saxon financiers have wanted to subjugate agriculture to their world governments. We have shown this in our chapter The starting point for a civilizational choice.

Note: in this translation, we have retained links to articles in the French media. You must find documents in your own language on the issues mentioned.

The goals of the UN’s 2030 Agenda

Let’s start with a brief reminder of the events that sparked the farmers’ protests in January 2024 and read our text again:

“The goals of the UN’s 2030 agenda were adopted by all UN member states in 2015, without any people being consulted and consented to in a referendum. This agenda is a torpedo of the independence of the peoples of nations.

It is the last step that will mark the arrival of the New World Order. Indeed, then-UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called the 2030 Agenda “a global declaration of interdependence.”

This means that national independence, and thus national independence, will no longer exist.

(The liberal capitalist dogma is well known: there are no companies, only markets.)

On food modifications, the UN hosted the “Food Systems Summit” in New York on 23-24 September 2021.

The summit affirmed the need to use the “power of food systems” to achieve the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. “Everyone everywhere needs to take action and work to transform the way the world produces, consumes and thinks about food,” the official UN statement said.

Taking back farmland from farmers and ranchers. This objective had already been led by Lenin and his team selected and financed by the Anglo-Saxon bankers, including Jacob Schiff.


The “sustainable development” agenda was first defined at the UN conference in Vancouver, Canada, from May 31 to June 11, 1976.

The main theme was “Human Settlements” and it is called “Habitat I”.

There is a passage in the report after the conference that is worth pondering as we think about what Mao’s China or the USSR was: “Land cannot be treated as ordinary property controlled by individuals and subjected to market pressures and inefficiencies. Private land ownership is also a key instrument for accumulating and concentrating wealth, thereby contributing to social injustice.”

In 2022, the doctrine agreed at the 1976 Vancouver conference was first put into practice in Holland: thousands of farmers and pastoralists will be ruined, bankrupted, and their land seized and transferred to state structures to implement the measures set out in the UN’s Agenda 2030.

Road blocks by farmers who refuse to take Hara-Kiri in the Netherlands.
Police fired live ammunition at protesters on the night of 5-6 July 2022 in the north of the country.

In the Netherlands (for starters), they will kill livestock herds and close 30% of farms in the name of the UN’s Agenda 2030.

The Dutch government is using nitrogen control as a pretext to blindly implement the UN’s Agenda 2030 agenda and destroy Dutch agriculture, which is as environmentally friendly as it is pesticide-free (though the Netherlands – 17 million people – is the world’s second-largest food exporter, behind only the US).

The Energy War

Wars during the industrial era were all organized or provoked for energy and oil and gas control. Without these energies, industrial development is not possible, it is as simple as that.

More recently, deregulation of energy markets has accelerated in order to develop the privatization of public companies set up by states to distribute oil, gas and electricity. Every excuse, every scare of the financiers, justifies hiking energy prices. And they’re still afraid, except that among us, we’re fearless and blameless. Hence their quixotic desire to eliminate our resistance to their systems of power.

So far, governments maintaining social peace have financed measures to limit such increases through tax measures to reduce taxes on the sale price of energy. With electricity and gas prices capped, these measures cost the state a paltry €24 billion in 2022.

But neo-liberal financiers and their shareholders, having allowed public-sector debt to mount since the 2006-2008 financial crisis, the COVID-19 health crisis, and the war in Ukraine, are beginning to want to demand repayment of public debts. The authoritarian governments that JP Morgan demanded in June 2013, a decade later, must start working to implement the austerity policies for which they were elected. These governments include Young Global Leader, the WEF’s organization to “infiltrate” governments.

Political conflicts

Everything we just said is well known to the general public and is widely discussed through social networks and the Internet.

In France, the Yellow Vest movement in November 2018 and 2019, finds its starting point on higher fuel taxes in a difficult economic situation with the loss of purchasing power of most citizens. Some of these increases are being supported by green political parties to finance the energy transition.

We had explained to the Greens the functioning of a full currency without debts and reminded them that the reconstruction and modernization of France after 1945, nuclear power stations, hydroelectric dams, hospitals, new cities, universities, schools, highways, Concorde, France, and Social Security, everything was financed with treasury bills and bills of exchange, which corresponds to the functioning of a full currency without public and private debts. They did not listen to us, especially during the Swiss initiative on the Mint Pleine (Vollgeld) from 2014 to 2016.

How can we maintain and develop the public facilities and infrastructure created with a full currency without continuing to use that full currency but using public debt and public borrowing in the financial markets run by the Anglo-Saxon oligarchy from Wall Street since 1973?

Young Global Leaders trained in neo-liberal ideology try to defend this political nonsense. Awakened citizens, awakened by these policies that lead to the elimination of our societies, are increasingly resisting those democracies whose representative and electoral systems financed by the wealthiest, are increasingly driving us away from government by the people and for the people, in other words preventing us from developing our participatory direct local democracies, our Networks of Life.

Today, and particularly in Germany, as in France, the green parties in the governments are following the measures established by Goldman Sachs to tax CO2 and to organize the market for carbon taxes in order to finance with these taxes the energy transition essential after at least two centuries of serious and widespread pollution by industrial development left to the private owners of the means of production.

In Germany, the rejection of the government based on the alliance between the Social Democratic Party of the SPD (red), the Liberals of the FDP (yellow) and the Greens, the government of the “traffic lights”, is at the center of the current street protests that is expressed through motorways blocked by tractors, trucks.

Allemagne manifestations agriculteurs janvier 2024, revendications : l'argent des allemands doit rester aux allemands

The Germans’ money for the Germans! This claim is satisfied with the use of full currency (Positive Money, Vollgeld). There is no debt and the wealth stays there. They do not go into taxes that are used to pay down public debts because governments are forced to borrow on financial markets from the private central banks that run the banking system. These riches produced by the work of all will not also become profits for the owners of the means of production and especially for the foreign shareholders and investors as well as the multinational corporations that impose their chemical and pharmaceutical products on farmers.

In our various European countries, we are no longer negotiating the levels of taxes that we would be prepared to pay to have energy and thus to live in dignity without returning to poverty and misery. We are faced with an enforcement of policies decided by the wealthy and the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy led by the Puritan sect with their theocratic dogma of the elite’s predestination to rule the world. Our governments are enforcing these measures and are becoming increasingly authoritarian.

These political conflicts are also developed and sustained by authoritarian political parties that follow the ideology of fascism, a political movement organized and financed by the Anglo-Saxon oligarchic leaders for more than a century. We need not fall into the trap that these far-right parties represent. These far-right parties must not become part of the civic struggle. As long as they do not want to leave the systems of power but want to conquer political power in order to establish their system according to their fascist and nationalist ideology which largely corresponds to the former National Socialist Party, which has been banned since 1945, these parties intervene only to divide the citizens and thus defend the neo-liberal leaders who impose these measures against which we are in political struggle.

Farmers’ protests in Germany, January 2024

In France, citizens are very little informed by the main public and private media. The government, after the Yellow Vest movement of 2018, is trying to hide what is happening in Germany.

Allemagne janvier 2024 manifestations d'agriculteurs à Munich

Here we use a few press articles from the German media to explain the protests.


Why are the peasants protesting? What are their demands?

Our translation:

Berlin. The government wants to eliminate subsidies, farmers do not want to accept it. This is what the peasant protesters really want.

For weeks, German farmers have been mobilizing against the federal government’s austerity plans. The protests have culminated so far in anger from farmers who blocked the holiday ferry of Federal Economy Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) in North Friesland on Thursday evening and tried to defy the Greens minister. But why are German peasants so angry at politics? Why are they protesting and how long does the protest last? The main questions and answers.
How long will the peasants strike from Monday?

Since the beginning of Monday morning, the peasants have created an exceptional situation on German roads. For farmers, even the smaller cuts go too far. “Both reduction proposals must be rejected,” asked Joachim Rukwied, president of the German Federation of Farmers (DBV). What’s next: Demonstrations continue. First, the DBV called for a week of protest starting January 8. And on January 15, a big demonstration is planned in Berlin. Police are preparing for “hot spots” for “access and evictions,” police union president Jochen Kopelke told the newsroom. “Given the expected masses of protesters, the police will have to act very quickly and flexibly in Germany,” he warned. But it’s not equipped to do that.” He called on protesters to demonstrate peacefully.

What the peasants are talking about: why the peasants are protesting?

In December, after the Karlsruhe budget was cut, the government of the traffic light had announced far-reaching austerity measures. Agriculture is also affected, subsidies are on the hot seat. Incentives for agricultural diesel should be removed. In addition, the government has announced that agricultural and forestry vehicles will no longer be exempt from the vehicle tax. Farmers are angry about it. At a recent large-scale rally in front of the Brandenburg Gate, thousands of farmers demonstrated with their tractors.

To learn more: Is anger justified? What German farmers
really deserveHow much money is it?

According to the initial plans of the traffic light coalition, the removal of tax benefits for agricultural diesel would have saved just over EUR 440 million, and an additional EUR 485 million would have been released if the exemption from the tax on agricultural and forestry vehicles had been removed.

Finally, there were only estimates of the shortcomings that the removal of state aid could have effectively left in the coffers of individual companies. “The abolition of the refund for agrodiesel would entail additional costs for an average farm of 100 hectares ranging from EUR 2300 per year (specialized farm) to EUR 3900 per year (specialized dairy farm),” said Professor of Agronomy Thomas Herzfeld of the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Development in Processing Economies in Halle, in the newsroom.

In fact, 2023 was a good year for German farmers. According to the Farmers Union, they managed to increase their profits by 45% despite inflation, rising energy costs, or supply-chain problems.

Why are peasants so angry at politics?

It is nothing new that farmers and politicians are not always green. There have been protests in the past when rules on the use of plant protection products needed to be strengthened. Or when a fertilizer ban was discussed for the arable strips of land near waterways. The fact that we now need to eliminate significant tax deductions for farmers probably broke the camel’s back. So today’s protests can be interpreted as a mixture of financial worries, discontent, and a sense of political injustice.

What does politics say?

Peasant demonstrations seem to have an effect. On Thursday, the federal government announced continued tax benefits for agricultural and forestry vehicles and the phase-out of diesel subsidies. However, the federal government must not make any further concessions. Federal Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir (Greens) said he would not bend before the new protests. We found a good compromise. The traffic light coalition is very fair.

Why are peasant demonstrations controversial?

Angry peasants are said to be radicals, right-wing extremists, New Right groups, and crusaders. More recently, up to 300 angry farmers prevented Habeck from leaving a ferry in Schleswig-Holstein. Habeck, who was traveling privately, had to turn back. Witnesses report that protesters shouted at Habeck, “Get out, get loose.” A painted gallows could be seen on a panel. Since then, the judiciary has investigated cases including coercion.

The debate is now about the general culture of dissent. For example, President Frank-Walter Steinmeier once said that incitement to hatred and violence transcends borders. “Seeing a minister being intimidated by an aggressive mob on a private trip and getting to safety after threats has shocked many in our country, including me. We must not accept it.” Farmers’ president, Rukwied, also distanced himself: “We don’t want the right and other radical groups bent on overthrow to participate in our demonstrations.”

other documents:

Aktionswoche gestartet: Deutsche Bauern demonstrieren | NEWS

Bauernprotest: “Ewige Gängelung ist nicht mehr zu ertragen”BILD

Farmers’ protests: ‘Eternal harassment can no longer be tolerated’

Die Wut der Bauern | ZDF spezial

BAUERN-PROTESTE IN GERMANY: Landwirte drehen auf – Wieder Blockaden von Autobahnen

In Germany, a tidal wave of angry farmers is sweeping the highways

other document:

Demo-Woche mit Traktoren: Bauern protestieren in ganz


Why are German farmers protesting?

A similar protest occurred in December, when the government of Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s traffic lights angered farmers, envisioned his plans to eliminate the exemption from motor-vehicle taxes for agricultural vehicles and tax benefits for agricultural diesel. The proposals were part of a package of measures to close a €17 billion hole in the 2024 budget.

Last week, the government partly backed down by stating that the tax exemption for motor vehicles would be maintained and that the diesel tax cuts would be phased in over three years.

Source: 08/01/2024


 And then, the Guardian notes the “as clear as sinister” symbol chosen by German farmers to express their displeasure with the government earlier this year: “along the country’s country roads, we could see makeshift gallows hanging from traffic signs with traffic lights, in reference to the colors of the three ruling parties”. It is, according to the British daily, a “radical change of mood in a country long known for its consensual approach to social and industrial relations, especially compared to its more traditionally striking neighbor France.” With important elections approaching in eastern German states this year, some farmers fear that the current backlash will play into the hands of the AfD’s far right.


Germany: Farmers Angry in the Streets this Week

FILE PHOTO: People stand beside tractors, as German farmers take part in a protest against the cut of vehicle tax subsidies, near the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany, December 18, 2023. REUTERS/Christian Mang/File Photo

During demonstrations on 18 December, extremist symbols were seen, such as gallows with, instead of hanging, a “traffic light”, symbol of the tripartite government of Olaf Scholz, which brings together the Social Democratic Party of the SPD (red), the Liberals of the FDP (yellow) and the Greens.


In Germany, Protests against the Extreme Right Are Mounting

18/01/2024, excerpts:

But the government coalition, which has notably agreed to stagger the removal of the waiver, is not willing to make further concessions at a time when it must save several billion dollars in fiscal spending to comply with a call to order by constitutional judges.



In Germany, Protests against the Extreme Right Are Mounting

The revelation of a plan for the mass expulsion of persons of foreign origin, which is being studied by far-right movements, has brought thousands of Germans into the streets. The issue that will be discussed in the Bundestag on Thursday puts pressure on the AfD.

“The Nazis outside.” “Standing together against the AfD.” “The AfD – the precursor of fascism.” On Tuesday evening, there were around 30,000 protesters in Cologne, according to police figures, demonstrating against the far right. On Monday, it was the turn of Essen, Rostock and Leipzig to see more than 15,000 people take to the streets in the cold. “Never more fascism,” the protesters chanted.

On Sunday, more than 20,000 people were also present at a large rally against the far right in Berlin, near the Brandenburg Gate, while nearly 10,000 marched through the streets of Potsdam, on the outskirts of Berlin, joined by the Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, and the Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock.

By Emmanuel GraslandPosted on 17 Jan 2024 at 16:39


Other document:

German farmers’ ‘fed up’ puts government under pressure


Warming his hands over a barbecue, Steffen Gerber wears the last traces of fatigue from a backhand. He left his grain farm in Lower Saxony, northern Germany, the day before at 11 a.m. with his tractor and has not slept since. The end of the diesel and farm vehicle tax exemption that triggered the movement is “just the last straw” for him.

To be sure, the government has balked at the first moves, staggering until 2026 the removal of the $920 million exemption from the state budget, “but the increase will still come.” At around EUR 20 per hectare, the diesel tax would still amount to EUR 60,000 per year, for its operation of 3,000 hectares of cereal, soya or maize, he calculates.



In Germany, farmers temporarily stop protests to negotiate with the government,


The time has come to end the protests, at least for the coming days, to contact MEPs and organize discussions focused on solutions, said Mr. Rukwied, adding that farmers will now “keep a low profile” to show they are ready to talk.

Just before Christmas, the German government had to make budget cuts to fill a €17 billion hole in the budget, after its initial budget proposal was declared unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court. In order to reduce expenditures, the government has also decided to eliminate certain subsidies to farmers.


Other documentation:

Facebook 19/01/2024 , excerpts from speeches on:

Demos zwei!! Deutschland vernetzt sich

Macht den Laden DICHT! Erst wenn nix mehr LÄUFT, wird das Volk WACH & die Regierung MUSS FÜR das Volk “regiern” Wunschtraum!

Close the shop! Only when nothing works will the people wake up and the government MUST “govern” FOR the people – a dream!


Die Landwirte haben beschlossen, den Bauernverband (DBV) bei Demonstrationen in der Zukunft nicht mehr einzuladen.

Landwirte und Organisatoren treffen sich nun zur Lagebesprechung! Serden selbständig aktiv!

Es sind die Generationsbetriebe, die nach der WEF verschwinden müssen!

An alle Landesgruppen und Bauernfreunde — setzt euch zusammen, indoktriniert Verbände und bildet einen runden Tisch aus Bauern und Verbrauchern!


Farmers have decided to stop inviting the Farmers’ Association (DBV) to events in the future.

Farmers and organizers are now meeting to discuss the situation! You become active autonomously!

It is the generation of companies that must disappear after the WEF!

To all the regional groups and farmer friends, sit down together, indoctrinate the associations and form a round table of farmers and consumers!

other interventions :

Jeden Tag sollen sich die Bürger nach Berlin gehen, fahren die Politik soll nun zu spüren bekommen das Sie nur noch Scheiße bauen, unfähig ist ein Land zu stützen und die Wirtschaft zu stärken. Diese Regierung hat unzählige Firmen in die Insolvenz getrieben, die Energiepreise in die Höhe getrieben.

Every day, citizens should go to Berlin, go there, and politicians should now feel as if they are making mistakes and unable to support a country and strengthen its economy. This government has driven countless businesses out of business and driven up energy prices.

I’m delighted, too. We need to preserve them, because the meat from the 3D printer is already being prepared. Do you want to eat that?

Most important, the government is going out of its way and abandoning its position.

I have a question. So many good people are protesting against the AFD right now. Where are these people when it comes to our farmers, bakers, artisans etc? When it comes to middle-class livelihoods? The government is organizing an anti-right campaign to divide the population and divert demos from farmers, or you hear something about it in the media. It is a pity that so many people are being blinded by the left’s green mindset, and thus do not recognize the real problems.

Dear Berliner and Berliner. Your help is urgently needed for the farmers’ vigil. The police took away the goblets of fire and banned it for the future. So she wanted to chase away the farmers, that doesn’t help them, please share (the goblets of fire are small portable barbecues for cooking meals, so the demonstrators in their trucks or cars will no longer be able to cook their meals there where they are).

coupe de feu
goblet of fire

The wind is turning
We, the entrepreneurs of Eichsfeld, will not see our future disappear.
Together we are sectors of freight forwarding companies, crafts, hairdressers, butchers, painters, dryers, bakers and many others… With all the men and women who mobilize for our common future. For unity, for justice and freedom. Together we say: “It’s over”…

In the Netherlands, in Holland

9 January 2024: 1) Dutch companies (farmers) will also join German farmers… Right now in Emden! 2)Farmers in Groning close the Bellingwolde border.

Since 2022, the Dutch have understood what is happening and what solution they will put in place to save their agriculture.

Pays-Bas les gens créent des coopératives pour acheter leur nourriture directement aux fermiers

Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, people have just started their own food cooperative to bypass supermarkets and buy directly from farmers.

Without forgetting here the example known in Colmar in Alsace since 2017: Farmers buy a supermarket to sell their products directly

The website of the Coeur Paysan store in Colmar.

The fight continues…

On 19 January 2024, protests by German farmers will continue and more rallies will be held by the end of January.

We invite you to browse the pages of these local associations. A gas station in a village goes on strike, but one morning it opens only so that tractors can fill up with fuel before going in convoy and blocking roads or highways. Convoys are applauded when they cross villages or towns.

Nevertheless, the political situation is clear: a large number of demonstrators and citizens have realized that there is nothing more to expect from the politicians and political parties that still support this government. They want to return to the practice of participatory local direct democracies: developing round tables between farmers and consumers, explaining to other citizens’ associations what is happening with this policy to take the land of the peasants and manage it with the collective ownership of large financial groups.

Agriculture is not an isolated issue.

The neo-liberal leaders have been following a well-practiced strategy since the establishment of capitalism: take small steps, but keep moving forward without triggering popular revolts.

Agriculture, which is at the heart of the issue of ecology and the management of our natural environment, is also at the heart of food and health. The neo-liberal elites’ Agenda 2030 aims to transform our food and health. We are all in this together, more than 99% of humanity.

Capitalism’s contradictions and financial leaders’ excesses continue as if they run the risk of being completely free of criminal and political punishment.

The manufacture of batteries for automobiles

“In Hungary, along the southern industrial park of Debrecen [Hungary’s second city], a huge construction site is unveiling: the battery manufacturing plant of the Chinese company CATL [Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited], the largest chemical complex ever built in Hungary.”

other document on this subject:

Controversy over the CATL battery mega plant in Hungary: a clash between ORBAN and SOROS?

This huge plant will use huge amounts of water and electricity. This electricity will come from coal-fired power plants. In short, this project is already an environmental disaster. Not to mention the import of Asian workers, which is necessary because young Hungarians prefer to leave their country.

In Poland, the previous government’s environmental record is also problematic.

Poland’s PiS Record Marred by Environmental Scandals

“Felling in the Białowieża Forest, border wall, politicized forest management, repeated ecological scandals, ecological disaster in the Oder River… The PiS environmental record over the last eight years has been particularly highlighted by nature conservationists. State of play, and look at what the next pro-European coalition is promising on this issue.”

We are all victims of the methods used by the leaders of the capitalist system

Our dossier “Our Dear Enemies” of world high finance presents these families of international bankers who for at least three centuries have taken power over the European monarchies, then over the industrialists of the United States of America and finally over the world economy.

We showed what their usual methods are: lending money that they freely create through the private central banks that they are the creators and owners of. They use their counterfeit currency to promote credit and indebtedness to everyone. Then they trigger banking and financial crises to demand the repayment of loans and take the assets of those who can no longer repay. They speculate in markets to create financial bubbles that they destroy to ruin people and then they buy back the assets, assets and wealth of the people they have ruined at low prices.

In order to obtain impossible windfall profits in peacetime and to conquer the wealth of countries that reject the capitalist system or better, the countries that adopted the communist regime they selected and financed to take power in Russia and the Soviet republics, they organized two world wars and the wars that followed from 1945 until today.

The criticism of the capitalist and financial system of power is well known, with a few quotes to convince us of it:

This Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy is destroying our economies, and in its Agenda 2030 plan, which we have already discussed, it wants to destroy the states and their public services, our societies, and their cultures inherited from their particular histories.

Since 2022 and the end of COVID-19, the political leaders selected by these new masters of the world, have been working to destroy national economies and develop what they dare to call “the Freedom of the Markets”. The European Union has become the priority target in these great globalist maneuvers.

Before farmers and stockbreeders, there was the mostly French steel industry: nationalized companies are a political horror to be eliminated straight away for the leaders of the European Commission in Brussels. The end of the steel industry in Lorraine was the first stage of this destruction for the profits of the capitalists. At the same time, the textile industry was the first to relocate its factories to countries where wages are lowest. Automobile production followed as soon as the eastern countries were opened up to European rules.

When the relocations were completed, financial crises since 2006, and speculation in mortgage lending in the United States, ruined many businesses and savers with the toxic credit sold by Wall Street banks. There was the public-debt crisis, with Greece serving as an example for the next round of state eliminations. Recent wars have all been fought over energy, oil, and gas. Each time the price of fuel soars and provokes public anger.

Ever since the COVID-19 crisis and the stunning success of lockdowns (I was afraid that neighbors would turn me in because my forest trips would last well over an hour!), neo-liberal leaders have been accelerating their autocratic measures as if they already felt victorious. Representative democracies are fed up with political games that frighten themselves at the threat of extreme right-wing parties, perverse games that citizens no longer want to see politicians in power.

But they continue to serve their masters. After indebting the states “with a wacko”, it’s time to pay it back. Austerity policies are visible in countries where they took power two or three centuries ago. The savings and wealth of Europeans is the most important treasure in the world. Citizens must be made poorer and no longer receive aid. This will force them to dip into their savings and, above all, sell off their wealth.

In this strategy of conquering the wealth of citizens, there is the particular case of farmers and farmers who own the land in our countryside. This policy of statements and financial statements to maximize the debt of farmers and ranchers has a name in criminal law: scam. The same scam as in 2006 during the sub-prime crisis with subprime mortgages. There are certainly limits to the amount of debt a farmer can take on and the amount of credit he has to pay back. To follow this strategy, taxes take over, especially on fuels or the price of fertilizer.

In January 2024, the agricultural crisis that is spreading across Europe is not new, much less an unforeseen movement. Immediate solutions may include fuel taxes and Treasury support measures. The scam will continue its path and its destruction as long as these tyrants are in power in their system of power.

Our reader has at the bottom of this page a list of addresses to find our documents in our file on the practices of the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy

The Future of the European Union

The evidence is clear: Eastern Europe’s new member countries, not to mention Ukraine, are ideal terrain for investments that promise investors high profits.

This was the case for the relocation of factories in the automobile industry and especially for the French factories. Then there was the case of the “Polish plumber,” and then the truck drivers from the Eastern European countries. Banks have started to do the same in Poland. Not to mention agriculture. Before the war’s end, following the Russian invasion, the Ukrainian plains were vast properties of American companies or at least of the Anglo-Saxon oligarchy.

Leaving aside the pipeline scandal with Russia, LNG tankers are now importing American liquefied gas.

European farmers and every citizen have understood who runs the European Union and for what results. The Common Agricultural Policy was abandoned because it was contrary to the freedom of agricultural markets managed from the Chicago Stock Exchange. It is still called the Common Agricultural Policy, but it has nothing more in common and no longer interferes with the freedom of markets. The European Commission is forcing its market to be opened up to imports from countries which do not comply with the same quality rules or health measures. Measures to protect the environment and the health of farmers are being abandoned in order to boost the profits of chemical, pharmaceutical and agri-food manufacturers.

“The patient unraveling, and then the surprise rejection by the Strasbourg Parliament of the European Pesticides Regulation (SUR), probably marks the end of an era, the conclusion of what has been, over the last three decades, a kind of evidence. Throughout this period, the European Union has generally been the guarantor of a more or less constant improvement in the preservation of the environment and health, through the construction of Community standards and the introduction into national law of numerous instruments for the protection of nature and public health.’

The European Union no longer protects the citizens, it is the faithful relay of neoliberal ideology and the interests of the Anglo-Saxon oligarchy. All the current protesters understand this.

So why continue talking to current governments and the leaders of the neoliberal system?

A peasant knows how to bend to work the land, the land that is low… but why crawl on the ground before the boots of the leaders of the systems of power? Why accept the orders of financiers who want to preserve their stunning profits with their agricultural chemicals while they slowly kill the workers on the land? Why abandon breeding and agriculture at home and have to import GMOs and animals reared outside our health standards?

Why always them and not us? Because they forbid it? To get richer and poorer again and again?

The last flourishing period in Europe goes back 700 years precisely when free cities and town councils managed the commons with common ownership… and not with private ownership of means of production or collective ownership of monarchs and tyrants.

The Internet is now used to organize our demonstrations, our struggles, to explain what they impose on us and what we want for our interests.

We exchanged with each other to start getting to know each other, but it was not easy because on the one hand there were the unemployed, people in a situation of great poverty and on the other hand employees certainly but in precarious or in a situation of moral distress following moral harassment, unfair dismissals, periods of stress provoked by autocratic or downright tyrannical and abject leaders.

Our demands were limited to our desire to be considered, taken into account, not forgotten because we had nothing more to lose. No one invited us to their barn or a hangar, let alone to a public room in the commune. Only our anger that fanned our campfires made sense… especially to us.

The global village is a virtual reality, but we still need social structures capable of communicating and exchanging with one another.

Farmers’ protests are organized between people who have known each other for a long time, work together in cooperatives or trade unions. This is what we see in Germany or France, the Netherlands, Belgium, or elsewhere. Farmers travel by convoy of tractors all over Germany, several regions of France…

Truck drivers and railway workers are joining the strike and protests. Union leaders will call politicians out.

Our round tables

The citizens who have understood why our struggles must defeat these criminal policies exercised against our food and our health in the name of their Agenda 2030, these awake citizens are able to govern themselves for the people, without power systems and their leaders.

Our struggles are global against their system of global government that we don’t care about!

Among the interventions of the protesters on their social media pages, we have retained the will to no longer use the aid of the farmers’ union but to develop round tables between farmers and consumers.

We have to start our participatory direct local democracies with a first political measure that announces our local political assemblies, our networks of Life. Our website since February 2002 re-establishes the institutions of our Life Networks, banned in France since Friday, October 13, 1307.

Local political assemblies meet in their free cities. A free city brings together several municipalities around a city and is the first measure of political, economic and social, cultural organization and of putting in place the supply of food and water, energy for this local union. In the medieval period, the last flourishing period in Europe, the most important farmers and peasants were appointed to the management committee of the free city. Later, in France, both the Teutonic Knights and the Teutonic Knights in Germany developed the rural economy and the transfer of knowledge and wealth between the increasing urban yields of craftsmen and traders and the decreasing agricultural yields. This alliance, this complementarity between the two sources of economic returns is the necessary and indispensable basis of the virtuous circle of growth of wealth in our societies. Our elders have done it, we must do it again!

It is up to us to decide according to our local characteristics, our regional or national cultures. We must initially organize the guarding of our campfires for the night, then organize the guarding of our places of political assemblies, the guarding of our countryside and our cities and thus develop the Security and Defense of Our Networks of Life.

To organize the Work, our teams of life projects set their missions and then their objectives, validated by the political action of the free city. They establish the Work Orders that the bank of our free city accepts once the work is done. Achieving Total Quality validates the optimal solution obtained by our subsidiarity approach during the start-up phase of our work team’s project. This validated optimal solution allows the exchange of our solidarity between project teams, between our free cities united in our Confederation.

Comments read on Facebook and republished here to continue this commentary:

In 2002, with Frontpage we had a forum to exchange with our readers and then we opened our own forum “Ananda” managed by a friend. After our separation, I pursued this site alone without a forum but with a Facebook page open to “friends FB” only. Hence, when the opportunity arises, the resumption of their comments on FB on our site with only the initials of their pseudonyms and the mention “private source” of the webmaster. Most often their contributions have been shared on our FB page where they are accessible.

We have people who have been defrauded. Systemically defraud.

manifestations agriculteurs tracteurs janvier 2024

January 24, 2024: post by T. S, freelance journalist

For information:

  • The sale price of an agricultural tractor from 50hp to 100hp varies between 20,000 to 60,000 euros HT.
  • The sale price of an agricultural tractor from 150hp to 200hp varies between 70,000 and 120,000 euros HT.
  • The sale price of an agricultural tractor from 250 hp to 300 hp varies between 130 000 and 170 000 euros HT.
  • The sale price of an agricultural tractor from 350hp to 400hp varies between 180,000 and 220,000 euros HT.
  • The sale price of an agricultural tractor from 450hp to 500hp varies between 240,000 and 300,000 euros HT.
  • The sale price of an agricultural tractor from 550hp to 600hp varies between 310,000 and 350,000 euros HT.

These images and this situation show us the existence of paradoxes as well as the failure of our agricultural system (itself related to the political system). Highly corrupt system and influenced by raptors, mafia, financial predators, banksters and lobbyists from industrial agriculture, agri-food, chemicals and so many others, who mistake farmers for milk cows. Even as they do their business on the same cows.

What ironies…

The reality is before your eyes, to see it, replace tractors with luxury cars, of the same price, even by houses (and even several for some tractors). It’s there, the reality. You see the Ferraris, the Lamborgini and other billionaire trunks?

Isn’t there a bug in this picture?

We have people who have been defrauded. Systemically defraud. This sacred profession, is under the control of a minority of people who use these people, for the majority in good faith, to make tunes on their backs and fulfill their desires (among others). As a result, they became stuck in the vicious circle of liberal (and fascist) economics – being forced to invest ever more in order to earn, one might say, more and live ever better.

Something which in reality has translated into, to go deeper into debt, to earn less, but to give more to their new lords than are the raptors briefly listed above. There is no doubt that the anger will be channeled, directed and used so that once again a minority can take advantage of it and our system can continue. For it is essential for raptors that farmers can continue to exist and pay their debts, without committing suicide. Farmers are for politico-economic predators, the equivalent of animals, potato and beet fields, as farmers. The raptors will therefore ensure that they can continue to be slaves of THEIR system.

Taking control of ukrainian agricultural land

Criticism of low-priced imports of agricultural production from Ukraine is a constant in comments on social media and also in farmers’ statements on television.

The war in Ukraine, initially supported by the US, is probably not just a Russian gas story that needs to be replaced by US imports of shale gas. Agriculture has also joined the Anglo-Saxon oligarchy’s effort to weaken Europe and plunder its wealth. The European Commission in Brussels favored agricultural imports to help Ukraine, which has lost markets in Russia and the countries under Moscow’s influence. But we are allowing the oligarchs who own the vast agricultural lands in Ukraine to sell their output at low prices in Europe through its retail network.

The chaos in European agriculture can continue from protest to protest and from country to country. Non-farm Europeans will be fed by imports from North and South America, and now by imports from Ukraine as well. The same model of agricultural production with vast estates owned by billionaires and multinational corporations led by global high finance, thus has a good chance of defeating European farmers.

documents: excerpts

Since Russia invaded in February 2022, the war in Ukraine has been a major foreign policy and media issue. But little attention has been paid to a major question at the heart of the conflict: who controls the agricultural land in the country known as the “breadbasket of Europe”?

As a result, the total land area controlled by oligarchs, corrupt individuals, and big agribusinesses amounts to more than nine million hectares, or more than 28% of the country’s arable land. The rest is used by more than eight million Ukrainian farmers.

The people who control Ukrainian land today are a mixture of oligarchs and a variety of foreign interests – mainly European and North American – including a US-based private investment fund and Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund. With the exception of one, the ten companies that control the most land are registered abroad, mainly in tax havens such as Cyprus or Luxembourg.

The report identifies many prominent investors, including the Vanguard Group, Kopernic Global Investors, BNP Asset Management Holding, NN Investment Partners Holdings (a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs), and Norges Bank Investment Management, which manages the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund. Major U.S. pension funds, foundations and endowments have also invested in Ukrainian land through NCH Capital, a U.S.-based private equity fund that is Ukraine’s fifth-largest landowner.

Most of these companies are indebted to Western financial institutions, in particular the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the European Investment Bank (EIB), and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) – the World Bank’s private-sector arm. Together, these institutions have been major lenders to agribusiness in Ukraine, with nearly $1.7 billion loaned to just six of the largest agribusinesses in recent years.

This international funding directly benefits oligarchs, many of whom stand accused of fraud and corruption, as well as foreign funds and related companies as shareholders or creditors. Meanwhile, Ukrainian farmers must work with limited land and funding, many of whom are now pushing the edge of poverty. Data show that these farmers receive virtually no support from agribusiness and oligarchs. The World Bank’s Partial Guarantee Fund for Small Farmers amounts to a mere $5.4 million, a negligible sum compared to the billions allocated to large agribusiness.

The report details how Western aid is conditioned on a drastic structural-adjustment program that includes austerity measures, cuts to social safety nets, and privatization of key sectors of the economy. A key condition was the creation of a land market, which was established in 2020 under President Zelenskyy, despite opposition from a majority of Ukrainians who feared that it would exacerbate corruption in the agricultural sector and strengthen its control by powerful interests.

The report’s findings confirm this concern, showing that creating a land market is likely to increase the amount of farmland in the hands of oligarchs and large agribusinesses. The latter have already begun to broaden their land base. Kernel has announced plans to increase its land reserve to 700,000 hectares, up from 506,000 hectares in 2021. Similarly, MHP, which currently controls 360,000 hectares of land, is seeking to expand its holdings to 550,000 hectares. MHP would also circumvent restrictions on land purchases by requiring its employees to purchase land and lease it to the company.

In December 2022, a coalition of peasant organizations, academics, and NGOs called on the Ukrainian government to suspend the 2020 Land Reform Law and all land deals in the market during the war and post-war period, “to ensure national security and the preservation of the country’s territorial integrity in wartime and during the post-war reconstruction period.” As Professor Olena Borodina of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU) explains, “Today, thousands of rural boys and girls, farmers, are fighting and dying in war. They lost everything. Land sales and purchase processes are increasingly liberalized and publicized. This is a real threat to the rights of Ukrainians to their land, for which they are giving their lives.”

At a time when suffering and displacement are enormous, countless lives have been lost, and considerable financial resources have been spent to control Ukraine, this report raises serious concerns about the future of agricultural land and food production in the country, which is in serious danger of consolidating and becoming increasingly controlled by oligarchs and foreign interests.

source: War and dispossession: the takeover of Ukrainian farmland, 21 September 2023.

end of document

comment on FB from a German farmer on this document:

“Organic baby food also comes from Ukraine…Chernobyl salutes you but ORGANIC.”

Here we find the usual Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy and the use of war to maximize profits by heavily indebting a country, and this is new, by buying up land whose owners were killed in the war. Capitalism’s moral vacuum, the terrifying cynicism of neo-liberal leaders, is at work again in Europe.

By forcing governments to remove fuel taxes from tractors or seek new subsidies, the European farmers’ movement will not save its adherents’ fate. The leaders of this farmers’ movement must be open to the demands of other social groups, accept the old yellow vests among them, listen to the grievances of all the citizens who support them today.

The European Union does not have to follow “the Ukrainian model” or the capitalist model put in place elsewhere by fascists, tyrants in the pay of the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy that has been pursuing the destruction of capitalism for three centuries.

Our revolt is about our food independence, the control of our health, our freedom to finally no longer submit us to this system of neo-liberal capitalist power. We can live better without these systems of power. The Dutch are showing us the way. Let’s organize our Life Networks!

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