God, I don’t know


note: this text is used as introduction to the collection: Messengers


Of course it is not a question to especially deny the existence of God after having written as many pages on our Web site. Or rather if, it is a question well of denying the existence of what others name God or want to impose to us as being only God to be venerated. The divine representation indicated under the word “God” is an invention of the human spirit to try to fill a vacuum of knowledge on the mysteries of the life on Earth and on the mysteries of the life in the various universes just like on the mystery even more inexpressible of the life in than we call here “the zone of eternity”. A poet generally detests somebody who speaks to him about God, of his God to him which would be better than yours. As for the chiefs of war who call upon God to gain their wars, the poet defies them in their spitting with the faces, only answer which it considers still worthy for these war criminals that it is necessary to as quickly as possible eliminate from humanity in their tearing off hands the weapons and the marks of their usurped and tyrannical capacities.

 After this first question, the poet refutes the second: does he want to know God? The answer is not. It is not a question of a mark of frivolity or imbecillity or of a stupid challenge of a poet who believes himself equal or higher than God. Not, during his peregrinations between sky and ground, the poet becomes familiar of these supernatural places where the mysteries of the life intersect. Vis-a-vis these mysteries, the poet puts other questions: can a human being meet God under his human condition? Does the initiate who crossed the well of light may find it beneficial to cross the border to enter this zone of unsoundable and incomprehensible eternity? Isn't it much more interesting and realistic to look further into the relationships to these presences which guide us beyond the well of light and before this zone of incomprehensible eternity? In light, the question is simple: is it to better give up eternity to be satisfied with immortality? When the personality amalgamates with the heart with dead carnal body, is there preferable for it to remain this human personality able to act in these spaces beyond the well of light or, it is better than this personality disappears in this immense fusion which animates this zone of unsoundable eternity? The answer of the poet is quite as simple as this question: it did not do so many voyages, so much of meetings for all to give up. It knows that beyond the well of light after having crossed the limits of carnal death, it is already in immortality. The question of the origins can be interesting and justifying but it has little importance compared to the question of becoming life which was born on ground. That the other mortals ignore their immortal or eternal human condition, it is not the matter of the poet. Without making work of impertinence and exaggerated self-centredness, the correspondences which it established during its human existence with the supernatural one cannot be erased like that, of course not at the time of the passage of its carnal death, even less after having crossed the well of light when it is vis-a-vis these supernatural presences which belong to its life.

 Among our meetings, at the time of our third decorporation, after the well of light, we sought these presences which we know and we asked that which lives in us to help us to contact them. Of course we wanted to understand what occurs at this time from our existence, not to return on ground but to begin well a new stage of our life much richer and splendid that our poor human condition. But taught we it with our costs, these presences which were vis-a-vis us, could not answer us.  They did not have the right of it. In our collection of poems “illuminations”, we described this third decorporation. To supplement what we wrote, we well saw and understood that there were two presences which dealt with us. There was the presence which lives in us and who had left to go to the meeting of the other presence. Obviously both had the same level of responsibility and being able. Me I was there and I waited until one deals with my destiny. As I waited, my glance carried in a direction and I felt as an invisible wall which separated me from a zone of eternity which corresponds to an unsuspected universe in which early or late, a day, I were to go. But I had not made the request of it and obviously I was not ready to cross this border and to penetrate in this eternity. Consequently there was no more much of solutions for the two presences which dealt with me. The new presence with which that discussed which lives in me, immediately to propose that I go in other worlds that on ground. It was simple: there was nothing changed in my current state, I had left the well of light well and thus suited so that my personality and my heart, at least the presence which saw in me, both we went in this direction and towards another form of life rather similar to that of our human condition on ground.

 The presence which lives in us was not of this opinion. Before leaving over there it had well to be checked that on ground all was in order, that this presence could give up the bond which linked us all the three with my carnal envelope. In light that I had died well and that all three we could ignore my carnal envelope. Of course I agreed and I did not want any more to occupy me of my human carnal envelope on Earth. Very quickly the situation is complicated. The presence which lives in us noted that I could regain my body without too many difficulties because it was possible for the presence which lives in us to accompany back me in my carnal envelope. That did not pose a technical problem to him. Thereafter I knew that my comrades regarded me as dead or at least struck and as I belonged myself to my stretcher almost 20 minutes after the accident, at the end of a certain unquestionable time had regarded me well as being deceased. This situation did not pose any problem for the presence which lives in us. The other presence was erased in front of this report. And the presence which lives in us had to go to obviously question somebody in this zone of eternity which I always visualized. But does it have outward journey to question somebody? That was extremely fast and all the three at the same time, we knew that the presence which lives in us had received the capacity to make return my carnal body under my human condition. I had the clear certainty which the presence which lives in us had of seeking a new energy, additional, special capacities, which it had left in the zone eternity to be equipped because the situation was special: in theory, arrived to this place, it was not any more question of returning about ground under the human condition. I had seen and included/understood certain in theory prohibited things for a human being.

 The second presence intervened last once rather in my favor. It pointed out with the other that my return on Earth was going all the same to pose problem because I was well regarded as death. The others had included/understood that, they had accepted it because it was a logical deduction of the accident. On the other hand to return in my carnal envelope without any feeling of pain or an unspecified damage was going inevitably to appear odd to them. I would have to face their incomprehension and now that I had included/understood a little what occurs beyond the well from light, my human existence was going inevitably to become complicated. I on Earth one would be refused of the rejected sky, one, a deportee of force by the only will of that which saw in us because it was him only which had taken this initiative not to let break the last bond which existed still slightly between my presence here, beyond the well of light and this unimportant envelope carnal over there, some share on Earth, a place obviously not so advisable that that according to the other presence with which we were. Of course we were in fusion all the three, I heard and I included/understood all except that I always had a length of delay because I was unable to imagine me the existence of such questions and such a problem. The other presence indicated that it was perhaps better now than I go towards these other worlds in question all at the beginning. I will be much more useful over there than on ground. The life on Earth, this presence did not consider it good: it was threatened, there was disorder and to send to me in this context represented as a waste because I would be the direct victim of these disorders related to the life to Ground. It was a pity extremely after what we had just lived all the three sets on the outlet side of the well of light, that I turn over under my human condition to undergo the incomprehension and the mockeries of my contemporaries bus how to live on ground while concealing to me and while being unable to speak about the fact that I had lived and which is until now the most beautiful moments of my life. This resumption of my human condition was going to be a failure because I was going to have to continue this human life without what I had discovered beyond the well of light. It was deeply unjust and, in extreme cases, I could decently pose a complaint vis-a-vis that which saw in us because it deprived to me of this infinite source of love that it had to however reveal me. We were in full contradiction and full nonsense.

 Today I can freely speak about it. I had the proof of the pact which was tied at this time. The decision of my return on Earth had been made in this zone of eternity and the other presence knew well that it could not prevent this decision from being carried out. I cannot say today who took the initiative because the two presences amalgamated and it is the presence of that which lives in us who spoke to me to make sure that I did not have to be simply returned on ground, all alone. Of course it returned with me, that I knew it since our first meeting, but it informed me that the remainder of my human existence, I will always have his presence close to month and that before returning in my body, both we could use the capacities of the higher world. Through this proof, I would not have to doubt his presence any more. Income above the landscape in which I had just lived this accident, I found all my feelings human being and I knew that I could make impossible things for a human being. I understood that I had a body duplicated compared to that which lay on a stretcher there in-low. I had envisaged to go to show me with people who inevitably were in this place that I had chosen, close to this village and these country cottages of mountain that I saw. I wanted to return account to me that they would not note any difference between my duplicated body and my carnal body. As I already told, in particular in the novel “D' Eleusis with Dendérah, the prohibited evolution”, the presence which lives in me noted that those which dealt with my body were breaking by ignorance and awkwardness the bond which linked us with him and which it was imperatively necessary to return at once in this carnal envelope. They were very close to the road and a vehicle went carried my body I do not know where. They would have to leave my body on the place of the accident, not the touch and to move it and wait until I return in my carnal envelope. I belonged myself to my stretcher very in anger with respect to my comrades, they were very surprised by the violence of my words and I understood that they took to me for insane: the accident had returned to me insane! I walked right as if nothing were not.

 With the camping I arranged my business and I was led to the hospital of Chamonix which refused to deal with to me. I have outward journey with the infirmary of the military academy of high mountain where the person in charge also refused to him to deal with to me and returned me to the hospital which refused one second time to deal with to me. At the time of the second passage to the EHM, the commander in person has to call the hospital so that they keep me for the night before being the next morning evacuated on the military hospital Desgenettes of Lyon. I smiled into soft in front of such an amount of incomprehension on my situation but I knew that my body was going to pay the addition of these events. Admittedly I did not have badly, I were extremely lucid on what occurred: I knew that the others did not include/understand what I had lived and who it was impossible for me to explain this splendid and terrible supernatural meeting at the same time to them. I owed ruser: they were not to take to me for insane or more probably for a soldier called which wanted to benefit from a small trouble of health, a small climbing accident for resquiller and to be made carry sick to escape the barracks and to leave in convalescence at his place, at the house. My covered face of ground and dried blood was to be enough to persuade them of gravity to my situation. At the time of the third passage to the urgencies of the hospital, an air pocket developed under my right eye and has fact left the eye and the closed eyelid of the orbit cranium. My face became suddenly deformed and horrible. At once the discussions were closed and all understood that I was not an inveterate liar. A few minutes later, I was in a room and I had a bed to spend the night. One week later and during three weeks, I could not walk right any more so much my head was heavy and made me cunningly badly. I advanced by holding me with the walls. I knew that my body was to evacuate the carnal consequences of this accident. At the exit of the Desgenettes hospital, the person in charge for service ORL made me well understand that I one was miraculé, that him and its team did not have nothing to do with my cure, that I had had chance that my body had regulated the situation all alone. I looked it in the eyes and I saw that it was possible of all to say to him, to explain to him that my body did not have nothing to do with my cure and that normally I was not to be any more in this carnal body. But I am you and politely I thanked it him and his team. It pushed me nicely towards the exit, glad obviously to be removed from my case.

 Of course that I do not know what occurs in this zone from eternity. In the novel, ten years later, I imagined the transfiguration of the couple formed by Pierre and Laurie, when both will precisely accompany Maud in this zone by eternity. In my work of poet and through the correspondences which I established with the supernatural presences, I became familiar of the form which these presences take vis-a-vis me. Never they frightened me or sought to play me a turn to make fun of me. They always helped me, especially to avoid new accidents fatal. At the time of an accident of gardening, when I had the cut left ear, we found ourselves all the three and it is the second presence which had wanted to send to me towards other worlds which helped that which lives in us to move my cranium to prevent that the blow is not mortal. This presence had returned in me in some thousandth of seconds and probably more quickly still. The pact sealed between us three was quite real. What I included/understood, it is that these presences exist apart from the zone of eternity. Of course they have the possibility natural and immediate to go to seek what they want in this zone of eternity. But I as included/understood as if I return in this zone of eternity, my human personality will be amalgamated and disappeared. It is logical because there is so much and to as well make with capacities and possibilities above suspicion as our human experiment does not have any more any interest. In this zone of eternity, we do not need more these presences which accompany us during our human existence and we do not need more to have the possibility of going towards these other worlds from where alive beings also come to join this zone of eternity.

 A poet, an initiate with the mysteries of the life after death, can understand that for a human being the question does not arise: very happy to have crossed the well of light, it has interest so that that which saw in us says him to go directly in this zone of eternity, better, it is with him to require to be able to enter the zone of eternity and it has being formed during its human existence to be able to formulate this vital request. The poet and the initiate also know that it is not also easy and automatic only that. We met the envoy of darkness and one needed of them little which we are captured by him and which our human existence is not completed in this zone where nothing is possible and no continuation of the allowed life. During our meetings, precisely we learned the existence from these choices of life and in spite of our initial errors, we learned how to make the good choice, to pose the good request, to be on us, to have a faith inébranlable and to return in contacts immediately with that which lives in us. Then the question becomes limpid: the next time I want to try well to ask to be able to briefly enter the zone of eternity but in the condition which I can come out from it to become similar to these presences which dealt with me on the outlet side of the well of light. The reason in is obvious: I do not want to give up the human beings which will have to make this way. And I do not want to give up the pact sealed with that which lives in us and the second presence. On the contrary, I would like to be like them, to do what they do and which is marvellous. That would be enough for me and be like a return of the things, a manner of returning to others what they did for me, a manner of sharing these fusions of our lives closely dependant in the mystery of the life after the human life.

 After the illumination, during my evolution, I sought day well after day on the faces of that and those which I crossed, traces of the presence which lives in them and which is similar to that which lives in me. I tried well to show the way to them, to invite them to engage in a spiritual and initiatory research. Why all stop while crossing this border to enter this zone of eternity? Later after this accident, I read not badly books on Buddhism and immediately this concept of bodhisattva was appropriate to me. Once again, I noted that others had passed by there quite front me and had made this same request: not to remain in the zone of eternity but to return near the human beings. It will probably be necessary whereas I will make a training course in these worlds whose presence to me was indicated so that I become general-purpose in the reception of the alive beings moving towards this zone of eternity but I do not want to immediately know all that it is possible to make in this zone of eternity. A poet is never a flexible human being. One should not especially see at this stage a challenge launched vis-a-vis God, at least vis-a-vis the presence which would be responsible for all these universes and this zone of eternity. And still, does it have inevitably to exist a person in charge as a chief for all that? Isn't this us, small human beings which absolutely need this concept of responsibility and chief? Not, this zone of eternity exists like the envoy of darkness exists and met we it him too. It is very simple to escape the envoy from darkness, we told it in the account of our second decorporation. Then this education should be developed, to show this division of the mysteries of the life, to establish our correspondences with that which lives in us, to make correspond our initiatory spiritual steps in cultures able to marry to satisfy our reasons of living which are the same ones as our reasons to die.

 You include/understand since God of which you will speak to me, I have horror of it! By courtesy I will listen to you. So very quickly I understands that you made a success of your initiation, that to say the things simply, you know about what occurs after the well from light because you lived it and that however you always speak about God to try to convince the others, I will not wait and I will drive out you. If on the contrary I understand that you never followed a spiritual step so much is achieved little, I will order to you to keep silent itself. In a few words I will make you discover the way to be followed and I firmly will invite you to engage you in this way. After is with you there to go. In an organization in network of the social groups, you will always find a group which will accompany you in this step. By traverse our Web site fileane.com, you realized that we live within the framework of systems of being able. Here we are vis-a-vis the systems of religious capacity which were given like mission the education of the people in a more or less strict obedience to the wills of God. We defined in several texts our position vis-a-vis these religious capacities and with these generally criminal theocracies. Here what interests us, be the central question in many religions: is it necessary to learn how with the populations not to give a human form to personalize this zone of eternity, is necessary it to develop in the human beings a so absolute respect of the mysteries of the life to force to them not to imagine a god similar to the human condition? Or quite to the contrary, is it necessary to start by familiarizing the human being with the mystery of the life while speaking to him about a god similar to his face of human beings? Of course during the spiritual advance, it will make meetings with presences and if it at the time of crossing the well of light, it will be found early or late vis-a-vis this border which separates us from this zone of eternity. But such is not the question because the majority of the systems of religious capacity precisely prohibit the personal initiatory way by what the faithful ones could realize themselves of what we have just described, i.e. uselessness and futility to want to speak about God as long as we are human beings. There is well the word of the prophets which helps us to engage us in this spiritual way. It does not pose too many problems in theory but it often does not solve anything either time as long as the prophet speaks about God to try to educate the populations.

 Through all this vocabulary, we are interested by a more particular approach, simpler and honest: that which Jesus used. To replace the word “God” by the word “father which is with the skies” seems more relevant me. It is not then any more a question of seeking at all costs to personalize that which directs the zone of eternity but only to name that which lives in us and us helps to cross the death of our carnal body. It is perhaps a more reduced ambition but at least this approach is concretized through our human existence when we come into contact with that which lives in us and which we can call “Christ “. Of course we can call it father: it is enough to use our knowledge on the migration of the hearts. That which lives in us comes to take seat during our birth, when our human existence separates from our mother. He to give the name of father, at least of spiritual father is completely exact and humanly verifiable when one observes so much that is to say little what occurs during a birth. We above described in this text the role than ensures that which lives in us to each time our human existence is called into question. It is well him which we must find during our human existence in order to be ensured to cross the human limits of life to reach the life according to the human life. This spiritual movement we called it the second spiritual revolution after the first spiritual revolution which corresponds in our history Judeo-Christian to Abraham and the command that it receives not to more sacrifice of the human beings, in particular his/her son, to like the gods. We said that these gods who required these human sacrifices, had nothing to do with any presence of the zone of eternity but through the history of the ancient people, Egyptians Greek and different, these alive beings called on ground of the gods correspond to these alive beings come from another planet. They carried out biological tests on the terrestrial alive beings to develop a human race best adapted to the terrestrial living conditions. They same were alive beings which after the death of their carnal envelopes had to cross the well of light and to enter the zone of eternity. It is obvious that their descent takes part in the same principles of life if it is necessary to explain a difference between the life of the beings having a heart and the beings alive not having a heart. For the moment we do not have testimonys of human beings which after the well of light, found themselves with presences amalgamated with personalities of animals but the fact that there are worlds other than ours in relation to this space of eternity can explain very well why these “animal” hearts go in one of these worlds. The existence of a specialization in these supernatural spaces does not have anything of shocking.

 At all events we are today at the beginning of a third spiritual revolution: it is a question of breaking and the systems of religious capacity and criminal theocracy to allow each human beings whatever its culture to reach this spiritual advance which carries out it towards its initiation and its evolution. For the second Cultural revolution and the contribution of the message of Jesus, it is necessary to exceed the framework of the systems of religious capacity, to develop a spiritual education with the same level as the other axes of education and training. It is necessary to stop this lesson which claims to be able to say which is God, which it wants and what he is interdict to make. Beyond these white lies and hypocrisies, there is human experience of the spiritual advance which makes it possible each one to find its reasons of living. It is the base of the operation of the organizations in network, it is starting from these spiritual meetings and of these human evolutions that the high degree of confidence develops which can share of the individuals in social groups and their high level of motivation and responsibility to develop the life on ground and to transmit it elsewhere when they have the technological possibility of it as other alive beings did it in our past. I do not know God and I do not want especially to lose my time human being with that which the human ones call “God” and which the systems of religious capacity use to return subjected the populations to their untrue dogmas. On the other hand I learned how to share the light of the life according to the human life.

 This division is not new. By decency and humility also, I will not tell my division because it is quite awkward, not sterile but probably not very effective and profitable. We will follow the division of these words of life that the messengers of the life during humanity were transmitted. We will not begin again or to explain, to legitimate the speech of the leaders of our more or less fanaticized religious systems because they recovered the historical example of these messengers to consolidate their dogmas and their religious standards. We will speak about these messengers to show how they have to divide between them these intense moments of life, these supernatural meetings, this knowledge of the mysteries of the life, this refusal to name “God” to educate on the contrary their contemporaries in the manner of walking on towards these initiatory meetings with the mysteries of the life and to dare to ask with the faith, to enter this zone of eternity after having succeeded in crossing the well of light. These messengers of yesterday have children, prosecutors of human work: the echo of their voices will not perish, we transmit it to our children in spite of the interdicts, the crimes of the leaders of the civil, military systems of capacity or monk whom we will eliminate to develop once more of the organizations citizens in networks of life. The messengers did not finish sharing the light of the life.

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